CYA with Robin Guillian

May 8, 2017

Welcome Robin Guillian!

Robin fills us in on some really neat developments in aviation having just returned from WATS 2017. 

CYA with Walter Striedieck

May 7, 2017

Welcome Walter Striedieck!

At Hartness State Airport Walter Striedieck talks about where it all started for him: gliders, aerial photography, ACE camp, and Lindbergh.  

CYA with Doug Smith

May 4, 2017

Welcome Doug Smith!

At his office at VTC, we had the opportunity to sit with Doug and learn more about his start in aviation. We also talked about some of his many aviation jobs he’s had, to include flying smoke jumpers, his career at Delta Air Lines, and how himself and a few others started the Professional Pilot Technology Program at VTC.

CYA with Jenn Hoy

May 4, 2017

Welcome Jenn Hoy!

Jenn (adjunct professor at VTC for CFI and instrument ground) talks us through her start in aviation and the number of jobs she has had as a professional pilot. Enjoy!

CYA with Rob Buck

April 27, 2017

Welcome Rob Buck!

In our first podcast we are joined by Rob. He is an adjunct meteorology professor at Vermont Technical College. He was surrounded by aviation his whole life and began flying at an early age. In the podcast he shares his insights about his career, mentorship, how aviation has progressed and how it has been influenced by technology.

Check Your Attitude Host Introduction

April 13, 2017

Intodruction of your hosts and what Check Your Attitude is all about.